01/24/2004 The Irish Amateur Boxing Association has entrusted Rylane. Boxing club with hosting a four nations Boxing Tournament at The Gleneagles Hotel Killarney on the 18-19 of April 2002 it will be the biggest Boxing advent Ever to be held outside the capitol And the biggest thing that was ever associated with Rylane thanks to The Huge committee of men and woman who worked flat out to make the Boxing Club the best in the county if not In the hole country  one thing is true it will be recognised in England Scotland and Wales And the I.A.B.A  Dan Lain is the best knowing coach next to Nicolas Cruse I think that this is Rylane,s finest hour

Rylane Soccer club Rylane Celtic will take on Hillside Celtic at Turners  Cross on the  third of march This to decide who will Top the third Division Every one in the village are wishing them the best of  luck On the day the club is goring for some Years now And they are singing players from all over the Parish And beyond Paul Foster is from Baltinglass co Wicklow

Macroom Drug free Power lifting Club are Hosting the All Ireland Power Lifting Championships at The Victoria Hotel on the 6th of April 2002 it is a big honour For the club, which is now have been going for about ten years, the Club has two world Champions Tony Pierce, and Barry Crowley. As well as being the all Ireland Championships. Tony has invited me and Jerald O,Farrell  to take part in a defence of my Guinness world record. They will also be some Special Guests from the U.K.

Rylane Boxing club  we have started  another season it will  will be hard to better. Last season having hosted The 4 nations boxing torment in the Glen Eagles hotel, Killarney it was a success. The I.A.B.A were pleased with the way it was ran by Rylane Club. The hyalites fore me was when the welsh boxer won his bout and the welsh  crowed sang the welsh National anthem  in welsh . Its the beginning of the season. But no doubt Dan Lane will think of some thing  that will equal the 4 nations, if not surpass it . Rylane football club  are coming to the boxing club once a week fore circuit training. They are fired up by winning the Presidents cup last year . My friends in Macroom power-lifting club are doing well. Barry Crowley successfully defended his senior under-52 kilos world title in Edinburgh last week. Look what the newspapers said. Corkman 3.

I have just finished reading a book called The Big Fight  by Dave Hanigan, originally from Cork, now resident in New York. The book is based on Muhammad Ali vs. Al “Blue” Lewis, in croke park in 1972.  I  enjoyed the book when it was about Butty the writer had him just  as I remember. A couple of things were wrong. It said Butty had 2 pubs in London at that time: The Juke of Wellington, in Shepards bush, and The Elephants Head, in Kilburn. The Wellington was right, but the other pub that he owned at that time was called Butty's - a night club. Butty had  owned a pub called the Elephants Head several years earlier - it was in Camden Town. Other than that, he said Mike Meaney was burried in the car park of the Elephants Head, but  Meaney was burred in Cane's yard, Queens Park,  at the back of the Falcon pub. There were two 4-inch pipes going down to the coffin. He failed to break the record; an American was down the same time and stayed a couple of days longer. Keep watching this space.  I recommend the book.

I had a phone call Sunday last from Paul Robson from Wexford  inviting me to the next Irelands Strongest man competition, to be held in Dublin on a date not yet set. He asked me if I would be interested in joining a Republic V Northern   Ireland arm wrestling competition. I told him that i would be  interested in doing  an exhibition of my worlds record . He told me that Glen Ross would be there representing   The North, as would be Dave Parkston. I knew Dave we met in Butte's when we were both 18 years old in the early sixties. Dave went on to perform as Irelands strongest man, with Duffy's circus. I have lost contact with him. I am sure that he would remember me as fore a long time we knew each other in London in the early sixties. It will be interesting meting him again. It will be good to meet Glen Ross who is Britain's Strongest man fore the last four years . Watch this  space fore more.         01/24/2004

          I have just received a new sent from The Guinness Worlds Reciting The new Record of 35 lifts with the 56lms

        At Rylane a copy of which is in display in the school  and in the local pub Jerry  O-Brines  .the new pub is a

        Grate asset to Rylane  and some where to go at Christmas and the new year . Theses  live music at weekends

       So if you happen to be in Rylane call in and you are welcome to call to the Thatched house I midget even  lift

    the weights for you and If you feel you can try to lift them you're. Oh bytheway  the name or that pub is The Anvil local Blacksmiths  at one time .

I have added another link  to the index page jonfoo.co.uk  he is my sister's Sun he has the same name as his father  who comes from Singapore Jonathon was born in London where he still lives if you download his website I am sure you will enjoy it hi is a stuntman and a small piece actor I am sure you will se some of my craziness' in him.I will speak to you sone again.