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Karl's 8 Sites:

1 Cork Coast.Com, t:@CorkCoast

2 TaxCalc.eu (web/desktop) PhoneTax.eu (Android)


3 Cork Nest – archive site

4 Tek4um.Com

5 Cork Cam


6 CorkCamera.com

7 KerryPike.info


8 Wolfgang’s Shop

Other Stuff @ end of old index and some here:

Other Stuff:

  • 1996 index for this site
  • Cork Tourist Things to do in Cork, like.
  • GPS Waypoints Ireland, Cork Coast, france etc waypoints for your SatNav
  • Java Spiral Millennium Count Down Clock (won runner's up prize in Sun's competition) 01 May 97
  • Fr Ted's house GPS: N53 00.582 W9 01.806 Photo Jun 07.
  • Google Earth Video - Mardyke, Cork to CIT etc
  • Paris-Cork flight gps log
  • Battery Comparisons
  • Caravanning in Ireland FAQ. oct 01 
  • The weekend weather in Ireland always looks like this.
  • Daft Computer error messages.
  • Joanne O'Riordan 1997 Appeal web page (NB: bank a/c details, emails etc prob out of date)
  • Urban Legends FAQ (red dye in swimming pools, being sucked into aircraft toilets, etc).